From Singapore to Stuttgart

Ivan Foo and Cher Yee, two students from a University in Singapor came to us as trainees to testing center and laboraty of the Lapp Group in Stuttgart. See what they tell about their experiences.


First and foremost, we would like to thank LAPP GROUP for giving us a once in a lifetime experience over here in Stuttgart, Germany. We cannot thank Mr Michael Hamsa enough for giving us this opportunity to explore the other side of the world, which in this case a exciting and wonderful experience we had throughout our stay & work with U.I Lapp.

We still remember when the day we arrived in Stuttgart, everything was so foreign. Eventually we made our way to the company with the help of Ms Lange. When we stood in front of the main entrance of U.I Lapp, we were thinking “Is this all just a dream?” . NO! It was all real. We walked in and came up to the receptionist and asked for Ms Lange. The waiting area was well heated and we felt comfortably warm!

As we settled in our apartment, everything is great. Instantly we fell in love with it was a cosy well equipped apartment. Since it was a Friday, Ms Lange took us to Stuttgart and shown us around the city! We were amazed by how everything works over here. Different country, different culture as what it may seemed. We love the castle as sun sets. Spectacular!

First day of work, We were very excited as it marked our first day as intern in Germany. A small part of us were scared as we are unfamiliar with the working culture over there. We were assigned to different departments; Ivan was assigned to the laboratory and Cher Yee was assigned to the testing centre. We are very grateful to all our colleagues as they were very helpful and caring towards us. They have always been there to encourage and guide us along the way, yet in words we can never say how blessed we are to work with them. They are like family to us.

We have gained a lot of knowledge which we can never have if was not for us to be here. May it be work or leisure, we enjoyed everything. At the end of the day, it was the passion and the atmosphere that drives everybody to work as a team, for everyone to reach an even higher success.
We travelled to quite a few places during the public holidays & the weekends. For instant, the “Black Forest”, Schwarzwald. This was actually recommended by Jens for us to visit the Lake Titisee. We even encounter mild snowing during that period which was phenomenon! We also travelled to Munich as well as Berlin to expose ourselves to different parts of Germany. One thing we like to say is that, the Deutch Bahn is always impressively right on time!
Last but not least, we really appreciate all the effort of everyone involved to make this happen. For us, this was an unforgettable experience that we will always remember for the rest of our lives.
U.I Lapp, Danke Sehr!

Ivan Foo & Cher Yee (Interns from Nanyang Polytechnic, Singapore)